Force of Nature by Tristan, Outsiders @ Nano Records

Started by psybonsai, 12 June 2013 à 10:14:49

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Nano Records presents Force of Nature by Tristan, Outsiders

Title   : Force of Nature
Artist  : Tristan, Outsiders
Label  : Nano Records
Genre : Psytrance : Full On
Format : Digital : Wave/Mp3

Tracklist :

1. Force of Nature by Tristan, Outsiders    7:32   
2. 2000 Light Years by Tristan, Outsiders    7:07

Full Track Preview  /  Download

Nano Records presents "Force of Nature" by Tristan holding 2 dance floor rockers, also featuring the Israeli duo "Outsiders" with full-on psychedelic treats pushing the boundaries and blasting us skywards.

UK based, Tristan, has beenDJ'ing for nearly 20 years and should need no introduction. Often hailed as one of the greatest trance DJ's of all time, he was the main DJ at Twisted Records for 10 years and is now the head of the Nano Records troop.
He has travelled to many parts of the world through his work including new york, tokyo, israel, paris, south africa, brazil, zambia and too many more to list. The DJ career has risen hand in hand with the production in the studio, which has included many collaborations with artists such as manmademan, process, 100th monkey, dick trevor (of green nuns fame), Simon Posford, Koxbox, Spacetribe, Laughing Buddha (Fearsome Engine) and a new upcoming project with Avalon called KillaWatts.

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