Spiritual Answers by Crank @ DNA Records

Started by psybonsai, 06 June 2013 à 06:49:25

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DNA Records proudly presents Spiritual Answers by Crank

Title   : Spiritual Answers
Artist  : Crank
Label  : DNA Records
Genre : Psytrance Full-on

Tracklist :

1. The Beginning by Crank    7:36
2. Spiritual Law by Crank    8:32   
3. Soul Inside the Machine by Crank    8:03   
4. The Logos by Crank, FFT    8:45

Download / Listen with Full Track Preview only @ Psybonsai.com

Crank is the Psychedelic Trance project of one of the recognized DJ of the mexican scene, DJ Imix (Crank). Constantly developing intelligent melodies with a high harmonic level, a solid rhythm base creating unique sounds with a high range of of engineering and quality which makes it a perfect match for the dance-floor. He has been collaborating with Lamat & AntiGravity, having good success with his first EP named "Underdome" published by the spanish label Ibydelic Recordings, cataloged as a taste of the living frequencies at the other side of the dome.

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