Random : Visitors (Digital Drugs Coalition)

Started by psybonsai, 23 January 2013 à 10:08:53

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Out Now  :  Visitors by Random on Digital Drugs Coalition

Track List :

1. Minds or Brains by Random
2. Moon Wrecks by Random
3. F.F. Selectaaas by Random
4. Robot Sentries by Random
5. Crazy BPMs by Random
6. Mass Conditions by Random
7. After Party Trains by Random
8. Electronic Interactions by Random
9. Dimensional Entities by Random
10. Alien Crafts by Random

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"Visitors" is the 3rd album by Random aka Ross Dubois, a collection of 10 collaborations (tempo from 145 to 150 BPM). Each song feels and sounds fully influenced and infused with ideas of each artist together with Random to create tracks with the truest Psychedelic Trance core and direction possible.

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