Dimension 5 - TransAddendum (Suntrip Records) soon... and Christmas sales! :)

Started by Suntrip Records, 26 December 2012 à 12:05:13

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Suntrip Records

Dear melodic goa-trance lovers!

Suntrip is back with good news...! The first Christmas-present we can offer you is a new release from Dimension 5 called TransAddendum! The masters of acidic old school goa-trance since the mid 90's are back with a new release that will come out early february! Expect 8 uptempo dancefloor tsunamis, in the vain of their legendary "Transdimensional" and "Second Phaze" album! :)

Check for yourself, check the cover and listen to the samples:


Except of that we have a special Suntrip-christmas sale offer now! Basically, pay for 2 Suntrip cds, and you'll get 3! :) But many more releases from other labels are available too... Etnica, Ra, Zirrex,... :)


Happy new year and hopefully you'll dance to this music in 2013! :)


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