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Started by simple man, 17 October 2012 à 17:44:13

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simple man

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the spirituality

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Please, HELP us! We are a new, special spiritual radio station. People have to feel the wonder, feel the Cosmos in their souls, feel the Life! Love and Peace! LIKE and SHARE and listen us! Help us and we can help more and more people! Thank you!
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Spirituality from Hungary. Famous music isn't the best music. Liquiddreams has a magic, a special "liquid" atmosphere. One or two dinamic psy tracks, than one or two chillout, ambient, meditation songs... Connection between the magic festivals and hindu, african, asian lands and nature. The style is always changing, flowing. Always new releases! This variety is the Liquiddreams Radio... from the home of Ozora Festival.

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    progressive, psytrance, chillout, ambient, psydub, space music, reggae, meditation

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