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Sanaton Records

Welcome to the 7:th voyage of Sanaton Records!

This time we take a boldly dive into the beginning of time, and into the ooze and bubbling slime.
Locating prehistoric beats and microscopic beets.
Metamorphing and evolving, microbial sounds are crawling.
Floods of creations pouring out from within, sanatones vibrating in an endless spin.
From the moist in the mist these chapters was made, let (in)sanity sneak out from the shade.


01 - Atishoo - The End of Carrot

02 - Traskel - Cheddar With Cheese

03 - Fontanellsurfarna â€" Kokokokav

04 - Buttergoose - Børre BubbleGutts

05 - Abyss Ooze - Las Afueras del Adentro (Rmx)

06 - Hallucinogenic Horses - Captain Paddock

07 - Ka-Sol - Trick and Treat

08 - Captain Kirk - Top Secret

09 - Technical Hitch - Mystical Chronical

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Compiled and Organized by: The Sanatonics

Mastered by: Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studio

Artwork by: MadeInRealTime :

Available at:

Bo0m B0MbaRdeD bY SaNaToN
S a n a t o n  R e c o r d s  (c)

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