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 Know more about the Vampire Diaries

Ian(The Vampire Diaries’ actor) seems to be a laid back, true Southern gentleman when it comes to his personality. He's easy going and tolerates his celebrity status all in stride. He always seems to be greeting his fans cheerfully and friendly wherever he goes and is spotted. In his interviews, this personality always comes out.

As for his career, Ian has been in major feature films as well as guest starring on various television shows. Shows that he has been a recurring character on include Young Americans, Smallville, Tell Me You Love Me, Lost and now, The Vampire Diaries. A little side note about Lost in which he played Boone Carlyle, is that he was the first actor cast and was the first character to be killed off. That pretty much ended his dream of buying a home in Hawaii. But Ian took Boone's demise pretty well and even went back for other episodes, including the finale.

Ian also auditioned for a little show called True Blood back before The Vampire Diaries. He really wanted that role, according to his own words, but Alan Ball didn't see him as a possibility. Even though Ian had been excited about playing a vampire, the role he auditioned for as that of Jason Stackhouse, eventually won by Ryan Kwanten. As much as Ryan is nude onscreen, it is kind of sad that Ian didn't get that part. Of course, The Vampire Diaries was just waiting around the corner. The Vampire Diaries Season 4 is coming soon!

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