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Started by peer, 06 April 2007 à 10:34:53

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cosm records - label info

hamburg based cosm records was founded in late 2006 by four long-time friends, first generation trance-travellers and likeminded artists peer schmid (6th floor), benjamin klages (paraphone), dennis lessentin (oddsono) and oliver gerth (oliver twist). cosm records brings you back the magic of various psychelectric traditions of the past in state-of-the-art sound. committed to innovation, atmosphere and quality the cosm records collective collaborates with multimedial artists from all over the planet to further push the boundaries of the culture. aiming for that special sound, that adds up to more than the mere sum of its parts - cosm records states that true psychedelia plays with its formulas, not abuses them. exploring the whole cosm of psy electronica, we aim to put back some mood, groove, culture and music into psytrance - from fullon to progressive and downbeat, breaks and dub - from uplifting to mindcrunching, banging to soothing, angelic to demonic - but real !!! check out http://www.cosmrecords.com

cosm records artists currently include:

6th floor - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/6thfloor/                                 
audiotope - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/audiotope/
ari miller - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/arimiller/
digipack  - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/digipack/                                       
electric sheep - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/electricsheep/
metabreed - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/metabreed/
oddsono - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/oddsono/
oliver twist - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/olivertwist/
ones’n’zeros - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/onesnzeros/
paraphone - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/paraphone/
strawberry fields - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/strawberryfields/
tomac - http://www.cosmrecords.com/#/artists/tomac/

please send demos and promotional material to:

cosm records
20097 hamburg



for further information, feedback, booking and
collaboration do not hesitate to contact us.

subscribe to our newsletter @ www.cosmrecords.com to stay up to date.

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