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LOGIC BOMB - The GRID :: TIP Records

OUT NOW !!!!!

Logic Bomb, the finest purveyors of stereophonic psychedelic audio are back with their 4th long awaited album. And it does not fail to deliver.
Their consistency is so good it comes with a guarantee. There is plenty to keep the old school fans of the band happy but some fresh new developments too which reach some amazing heights. Rich, musical, psychedelic,

delicious, full power, melodic, we think this album has it all. Enjoy.

The Below :: a note to Logic Bomb from Raja Ram ....
"The Grid, one enter the lost kingdom..thru the dense jungle and exotic plants..finally arriving at the magic temple the explorers of sound enter...it"s dark but once the torches are lit, the ancient carved

hieroglyphics are revealed....deep in the walls..sacred geometry, numbers and diagrams..the grid of the present, past and future…spans the entire cave...the walls are lit by precious jewels, inlaid mosaics of

complexity..shimmering holographs of ancient/modern images flash in front of your fourth eye..as you are catapulted out of your mind,into another realm....where the angels laugh and play and dance...where the

mysterious meets the technological..where depth and symmetry abound, while molecules dance on an atom...sequences of the aliens....memories of the future..this is a high density oxy-nitro glycerine combustable

dangerous mixture…the edge can cut you..the sound can produce startled rabbit sensations, dilation of the pupils and a certificate saying one should not operate heavy machinery..music over the influence..you can

hear the Arctic winds blow..while a penguin eats polar bears and a whale says hello in Spanish..what a world what a crazy place..and we need this music to fill in the cracks, to expand our horizons and tickle our

fancies.....Job well done fellows..it"s hard to be a genius in this age..there are so few....but you have raised the bar...gone to the bar...no bars hold..."


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To hear samples click on tracknames
Or for full album sample see TIP SOUNDCLOUD

CD track listing:
01. Checksum
02. Kalibrator
03. Bitter Hitter
04. Sinister Science
05. Sonica Algebra (Hi Octance Remix)
06. The Grid
07. 4th Dimension
08. Knorrar
09. Frontline

Peer Reviews :: What people are saying !

Logic Bomb never fail to impress me with their super-slick Swedish psychedelic sound. This music exudes quality and really stands out from the rest. These tracks sound great both at home and on the dancefloor
DJ Lucas

More top toonage from the Bomb. Logic prevails... get down n boogie!
Gus Till - Slinky Wizard/BUS

'Swedish trance masters return with 4 canterous dance floor shakers.. Slightly retro and all the better for it.'
Mike Maguire - Juno Reactor

The Grid is my favourite ....this is a BIG tune!! All the classic flavours of Logic Bomb's inimitable swirling riffs and tripped out melodies; with a few new vibes thrown in there; along the lines of Zen

Mechanics... this will be blowing a few minds in the morning!!"
DJ Tristan

Looking forward to getting my hands on this. Sounding large and fresh!
Chris Hanson - TouchTone : Alchemy Recs

Nice to see Logic Bomb back on track! Old school goa vibe and great production. Will definitely play Unlimited Ozora Remix.
Edoardo : Neurobiotic Recs

So Logic Bomb are back. They've gracefully blended their much loved & original sound into a carefully crafted selection of full on techy grooves. Each track feels like a journey, full of energy and excitement, all

of which are guaranteed to do the business on the floor while maintaining a true psychedelic ambience.
Adam Metcalfe - Headroom : Nano Records

The Grid- nice melodic track, building up in good old logic bomb style, getting higher into groovyness with kind of old school touch, trancy amtosphere..... take you into the grid
Ralph - Braincell/Solar Spectrum

At long last we have a new album from Logic Bomb and it was well worth the wait!!! This will be all over my DJ sets in the coming months!
Treavor Moontribe : Neurobiotic, Iboga Records

Morning melodic like we would expect ...Im glad they dont loose their style thruout the years. Very deep psychedelic arangements ...Totally logic bomb
Tron : Spun Records

Another ride into the realms of our favourite “dancefloor-Bombers”! Once you push start you’ll know it’s Logic Bomb and surrender to be shot right into orbit on another journey designed by these 2 cosmic engineers.

Have fun!
Eric Liftshift

A contemporary take on the psy trance sound, the grid keeps the underground flavour, while scaling euphoric heights underpinned by a slick thumping best
Andrew Humphries - Control Zeds

Four tracks with a big sound, subtle psychedelic twists and acid lines, trickling percussion on a foundation of great bass lines and driving kick. can't sit still, you should get this release!!
Remko Strobel :: BOOM! Records

Mate, this is HUUGGEEEEEEE!!!! Love it :)
John 00 Fleming

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