[OUT NOW!] V.A. - Underground Shamanism (Shamicaros Rec.)

Started by Zero-Blade, 07 November 2011 à 19:11:59

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Artist: Various
Name: Underground Shamanism
Label: Shamanicaros Records
Genre: Darkpsy, Psychedelic, Full Power, High Tech, Trippy
Format: WAV
Length: 67:52 min
Release Date: 6th Nov 2011

Coming from the underground, right out of space, we bring to you a cosmic story! Nine shamanic trips, combining experience and visionary magic, binding wisdom to consciousness, will send you on a journey through space and time, by the will of the new age shamans!

01. Syntrax Error - Fatal Error (162 BPM)
02. Toxic Anger Syndrome - Dark Forces of Sweden (166 BPM)
03. Arkoxio - Sweet Demon                                  (165 BPM)
04. Acidevil - Chiknawi E'ekatl (Nine Wind Edition) (167 BPM)
05. Synthetic Forest - Hypnotizer (176 BPM)
06. Adrenaleightor - Chemical Disorder (175 BPM)
07. Zero-Blade - Aggro (170 BPM)
08. AxuliXamus - Ashizoroe (Remix) (180 BPM)
09. The Anomalistic All Stars - Couch Bangin (185 BPM)
*The Anomalistic All Stars are CinderVOMIT, Luuli, Axis Mundi, Jagno Gaia and Martyrs

Compiled and Mastered by Zero-Blade
Artwork by Melan Wastage & Zero-Blade

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