VA - Pantheon (newschool goa trance) OUT NOW!!! Free Download!

Started by ~psydance~, 24 October 2011 à 13:37:37

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Neogoa & ~psydance~ present:

Neogoa netlabel is continuing the tradition of collaboration with perspective netlabels across The Old Continent. This time, we are entering a mutual project with a young label from Belgium, Psychedelic Dance Records aka ~psydance~. The main brain behind the label is Stryder, a DJ, producer, and founder of psydance.

With combined effort we have selected a mysterious and playful array of goa trance soundscapes who will pleasantly guide you through the Pantheon

Where the Great Mysteries of Old Age are kept, and the dead are remembered for their great deeds.

Mysterious sounds will flow deep into your ears and resurrect the Glory of the dead, enchant your soul and enlighten your spirit from within. Each track will guide you closer to the marvel of many wonders, taking you back to the moments where they all started. As the melodies make your body and brain dance, you will feel the elusive energy releasing inside the music, with which we honour the great deceased and revel in the aftermath of their great works.

Across this mystifying and sanctifying journey, sonic keys have been left for you to unlock the secrets of the Pantheon. In order to complete the journey fully and uncover the Great Mysteries inside, you must not miss a single key and all together they will open up the secrets and the truth about the Pantheon...   ...but the dead do not happily share their secrets.
Get ready to fully experience the Pantheon and the atmosphere within the temple and it's dome back in the times of Ancient Rome.

Album: Pantheon
Artist: Various
Label: Neogoa & ~psydance~
Release date: 07.04.2011.
Format: Digital (MP3/WAV/FLAC)
Style: Psychedelic (Psytrance, Goa Trance)
Links: Neogoa | ~psydance~

Free Download:


01. JBC Arkadii - Cold As Ice (128 BPM)
02. Kaoz - Voices From A Blackberry Garden (140 BPM)
03. Komondor - Pangea (142 BPM)
04. Relaxotan - The Dimension Of Imagination (140 BPM)
05. Stryder - Neo Dance (140 BPM)
06. Javi - Into The Vortex (140 BPM)
07. Deimos - Doomsday Funk (142 BPM)
08. Blackstarrfinale - Is Pause No (146 BPM)
09. Innerself - At The Edge Of The Universe (95 BPM)

Compiled by Ivan Paric (Richpa) & Stryder
Cover artwork by Ivan Paric (Richpa)
Mastering by Stryder

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