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Started by TriskelePR, 31 May 2011 à 16:03:12

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Liquid Move - Cause Of Random (Stalactite Records)

OUT NOW !!!!!

From the bowels of the frenetic mind comes an evolved, mutated monster of sound revealing new visions of dance floor mania. This is a frenzy inducing release, creating a whirlpool of crashing waves unleashing the power of rampaging energy through mesmerizing bass and rhythms.
Beats flow like liquid encompassing delicious grooves with evil undertones only to end up plunging into a psy fantasia of melodies and breaks.
From eccentric, idiosyncratic piano lines to hypnotizing guitar riffs and mysterious voice samples, the message of the music is left to your imagination.

The debut album of producer Eli Kimmerling is made to last for its complexity, musicality and arrangement. True to its form this album is as melodic as it is diverse.

Cause Of Random gives us the taste of a live show within a studio album with its original production style and is a true force to be reckoned with. As there are no words to explain new phenomena, Cause of Random lies beyond definition. This is a “must listen to” album.

Embark on the emotional musical journey through composition. Absorb the fascinating story telling of twisted truths and natural beauty.

In other words….

…Liquid Move is coming to a dance floor near you!!!

This unique release is the first full-length album on Stalactite Records.

To hear samples click on tracknames

CD track listing:

01. Is Brain Wave
02. 6 Zens
03. I Preset (album version)
04. Deranged the Kid
05. Forever More
06. Cause Of Random
07. Psychoactive
08. Various Thoughts
09. I come in Liquid Form
10. Liquid Groove




The Legend of The Giant

Debut release of a psychedelic cinematic chill-out project.

Release Date : Fall 2011

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