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Dinsha Prana recs

DINSHA PRANA Records (News May 2010) _

Ep HI SPEED_Teknical Ikon.  Released : 05 / 10

The first Ep Album published by Teknical Ikon.A great album that contains 3 incredible
and powerful tracks with the unique full on  morning trance music of Teknical Ikon. As
its name says, these new Psytrance  proposal leave us feeling full of energy on dance
floor, dancing, jumping and tripping. With a BPM range from 145 and 147 ¨Shamanical¨,     
¨Fatality Chaos¨ and ¨Amnesia¨ are an amazing mix between powerful beats, hard bass
lines, incredible sequences full of energy, with crazy tones and electro touches, taking us
on a Psychedelic trip at ¨HI SPEED¨.  An exellent Ep that you cannot miss it.

Tracklist :
1 Shamanical
2 Fatality Chaos
3 Amnesia

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*Beats Digital ...and many more.


VA SONIKA_Selected by Teknical Ikon.   Released : 01 / 10

An amazing an unique selection of the great new genious of Psytrance global scene.
Collecting the best of current sound. Quantica, Creactive (Ibiza),  Echoactive, Asteroide
(Brazil), Cosmo Circle (Portugal), Argon Sphere (Serbia), ESD (Mexico) and Teknical
Ikon (Spain). With a BPM range from 145-147, is a new rocking and powerful mix between
clean and solid bass lines with new and madness waves breaking the limits of sound
technology to a new hi level...
A really delightful selection for everyone who loves and appreciate the best quality of
sound in your ears. A compiled that cannot miss on your Psytrance music collection !!

Tracklist :
1 Quantica_Chica Atomica
2 Argon Sphere_Losing Memorie
3 Creative_Modul C
4 E.S.D_Reflections
5 Teknical Ikon_   Shamanical
6  Asteroide_Singularidade
7 Cosmic Circle_The Portal
8 Echoactive_Do You Beleve in Faith
9 Teknical Ikon_Fatality Chaos

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VA INSIDE_Compiled by Teknical Ikon.  Released : 03 / 10

9 new and unreleased tracks taht tell us a different story about the musical vision of each
artist within the magical Psychedelic Trance sound. Great and renowned international
producers such as: Quantica (Ibiza), Y-East (Hungary), Psycho Abstract (Spain), Disorder
(Mexico), Teknical Ikon (Spain), Exema (Japan), Clean Trip (Spain), ESD (Mexico) and
Yarza (Spain.) ¨Inside¨ lead us through the melodic Psychedelic full on morning trance,
loaded of groovy an amazing beats with powerful bass lines, eleganth and hipnotic sound ,
marked rhythms and electronic touches. A new and fresh compiled ready to rock any dance
floor around the world !!

Tracklist :
1 Quantica vs Yarza_Really Human
2 Y-East_Just This!
3 Teknical Ikon_Amnesia
4 Disorder_Technology
5 ESD_Strange Love Adiction (Prothonic Rmx)
6 Clean Trip_Can you Feel it
7 Psycho Abstract_Adonai
8 Exema_My Pocket

Out Now in :
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*Beats Digital...and many more.

VA Digital Frequencies_Compiled by Dinsha Prana Records

Released :   Sep 2009
Format :        Cd Digipack
Cat No :        DPRB002
Cover Art :    Dinsha Prana Records

Out Now in :

VA Noche Cristal Azul_Compiled by Dinsha Prana Records

Released :   Feb 2009
Format :        CD
Cat No :        DPRB001
Cover Art :    Dinsha Prana Records

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Website ¨New Domain¨ :   www.dinshapranarec.com



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