VA - Cycle of Secrets - compiled by Silent Existence

Started by Hallucinated Neighbour, 10 April 2010 à 22:34:55

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Hallucinated Neighbour

We are proud to present our 2nd compilation. After receiving positive feedbacks about our 1st one and having lots of downloads, with a very similar concept we are trying to please all listeners of psychedelic trance music world wide. We thank all the artists that accepted to be a part of our project and with their contribution they made this compilation happen.
We would also want to give special thanks to PsyPepper for his wonderful artwork and to Makus (Overdream) for the professional mastering.

Release Description:

Sometimes things can not be explained...So let mysteries have its place in you and let your mind experience the Cycle of Secrets.


01. Troglotaigan - Organismo 146 BPM
02. Zalabim - Chasing Ghost 145 BPM
03. MakadaM - nattUgglan 145 BPM
04. AnnoyingNinjas - Rævehulen 148 BPM
05. Parus - Vodameri 148 BPM
06. Cenotes - Gnomadelic 148 BPM
07. Krussedull - Alberts Journey 147 BPM
08. Pantomiman - Black Mamba 146 BPM

Compiled by : Silent Existence
Mastered by : Makus (Overdream) @ Sky Gravity Studio -
Artwork by : PsyPepper -
Cover :
Release Date : 05.05.2010

Free Internet Release by:
Silent Existence

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