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Release Information:

After a blasting debut album that shake the trance scene with their explosive sound Skyloops comes again with their second studio album "Morning Madness" to blow our minds and feel the power of their pumping full on sound.
If the first one makes you fly, this one will take you to places you never went.
Be prepare cause this one is quite unique.

Artist Information:

Skyloops is the psychedelic trance project of Sebastian Strazza and Mariana Zarankin. They are both musicians since the age of 14 years old, they meet each other at beginning of 2000 and since then where involve in differents projects. At the end of 2004 Sebastian starts djing playing with artists like Sesto Sento, Alternative Control, Zen Mechanics, Altom, Cycle Sphere, Ferbi Boys, Analog Pussy, Azax Syndrom, Rinkadink, System Nypel, Electro Sun, Chromossome, Andromeda, etc; and with Mariana start to produce psytrance parties called Under Attack. Later the feeling for music get so strong that they start to produce psychedelic music and after several releases they decided to found a label called Trance Lab Records.

Label: Trance Lab Records
Artist: Skyloops
Album: Morning Madness
Mastering: Skyloops @ Trance Lab Studio
Format: 4-Panel Insert/Tray Jewel CD
Catalog: TLRCD001
Release Date: December 2009


01 Intro
02 Hack The Planet
03 Morning Madness
04 Dream State
05 Unpredictable
06 Mold Your Future
07 Outro
08 Xynapse (Bonus Track)

Booking Info:

Label Info:

Preview of the album on:

Worldwide Distribution by Saikosounds

Stay tuned

Trance Lab Records

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