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Started by Cyberwlf, 15 March 2007 à 04:52:04

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Here is a new mix set recorded this month for those interested in a dancey dark and twisted psychedelic journey. Based on the set featured at the Festival Island launch.

Rapid Psykedelic Sonances Mix Set - March 2007

Track Listing:
1. Gappeq -  Lavondyss
2. Noise Gust - Sliceman
3. Entropy & HappyLeptic - 3 Some
4. Silent Horror - Vice
5. Noise Gust - Burglar
6. Stigma - Killer Mind
7. Noise Gust - Voga
8. Audiopathik - Mauvaise
9. Noise Gust - Burglar
10. Noise Gust - Headlock (Rmx)
11. Datakult - Liquid Genocid (Baphomet Engine Rmx)
12. Lab - Nightmare before new year
13. Electrypnose Vs Elendyl - Marmitage
14. Flipknot Vs Jun - All Souls Day
15. Polykaos - Numbers
16. Lab - Paranoia

Download it here:

DJ Cyberwlf will be available for bookings in the UK / Europe from Mid-May 2007 on. Contact him at bookings (at) psykeout dot net for enquiries.


Hey guys

For anyone interested in booking me for their party I will be available during September/October as I travel throughout more of Europe.

I've been recently touring around the place and so far played at events in England and Italy, after going via Japan on my way over here from Australia.

So send me a PM or email me at bookings [-at-] psykeout.net to enquire!

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