GOASIA - Dancing With the Blue Spirit NEW ALBUM coming!!

Started by SoundmuteRec, 21 March 2010 à 00:02:29

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Goasia - Dancing With the Blue Spirit
2nd album on Kagdila records

Yeah, we all know those two Goa minds from southern part of Europe, but it’s good to say that Goasia project exists since year 2000. It became more active on the trance scene after 3-4 years, since Kanc Cover aka OPSY came into a project and joined Balint Tihamer. Bunch of studio equipment directed to sound, represented trough the tracks, and resulted on many worlds’ releases at various labels. So, for example, we can mention some of the first releases that came on Suntrip, Cosmicleaf, Kagdila Rec, Unicorn Music, USTA Rec, etc.. In year 2006 Goasia published a collaboration album with Greek goa trance artist Omegahertz for Unicorn Music. After that release and few more singles on other labels, at the end of 2007, in November, this project made their first solo album under the name "From Other Spaces" and published it for goa trance label "Suntrip Records" from Belgium, and became the official Suntrip artist. Excellent vibes and reviews of this release, opened to Goasia new offers for promoting their music all over the world... After a while, about 2 and a half years, some compilations and EPs later, Goasia decided to unite the newly composed material on the media that will present their new album right here, on Kagdila Records. Definition of the album can be described as a fusion of the morning, sometimes melancholic sound and cheerful forest environment. Of course, all spiced with the energetic, cosmic and ethnic melodies. The return to the good old spirit of beautiful Goa Trance music in a totally new form of high-quality production, many consumers will notice on this album.
Open your ears and read about the Blue Spirit!!!

Title: Dancing With the Blue Spirit
Artists: Goasia
Label: Kagdila Records
Tracks: 10
Format: CD
Catalogue Number: KAGCD127
Distributer: Saiko Sounds LTD.

Release date: April 2010
Mastering by Deep Lomatic@Dirty Cover studio - deeplomatic@soundmute-recordings.com
Cover art paint by Gregory Gallo - http://www.arteology.com
Web master & Editing by Adamantite Desing - http://www.myspace.com/gyrocog
All tracks are written & produced by: Vladislav Radulovic aka Kanc Cover & Balint Tihamer @ Goasia studio, Serbia

Track List:

01. Black Kahva   (09:29)
02. How Deep is Your Trip (07:24)
03. Dancing With the Blue Spirit (07:31)
04. Avatar (08:21)
05. Ethnic City (07:37)
06. Visitors (08:29)
07. Sabotage (08:25)
08. Terra Incognita(07:33)
09. Transonic Fields (08:01)
10. Reach new Land (06:16)

Total album duration (01:19:16)

Samples @ www.myspace.com/goasiaproject




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