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Air Snare Records

Air Snare Records proudly brings you

The first ever debut by two of the most popular DJs in Lebanon & the Middle East.
Gunther Sabbagh & Elias Merheb worldwide known as Gunther & Stamina,
were formed in 2005 with the aim to produce "cosmic underground music”.
Just unleashed their latest three most awaited head spinning deep dark
techy tunes, taking a huge step forward in their career.

• Label: Air Snare Records
• Cat. No.: ASREP006
• Release Date: 28th March 2011
• Format: Digital
• Genre: Techno

• Tracklist:
1. Gunther & Stamina " Forbidden (Original Mix)
2. Gunther & Stamina " Syncope (Original Mix)
3. Gunther & Stamina - Down Under (Original Mix)

FORBIDDEN allows ones to have the time of their life with much energy
which takes one higher and higher as the journey increase with the tempo.
Track after the other SYNCOPE creates a temporary impairment of
awareness of oneself and ones surroundings far beyond from ones usual
expectations and thus breaking out the mainstream. Then precedes DOWN
UNDER which starts pounding the energy nonstop until the end you drop into
a journey of deep dark techy typical of their sound signature.

• Mastered by Henri Hurtig aka Cid Inc

• Full preview here :

• Available on Beaport & worldwide on 28th March

• Supported by

Fergie (Excentric Muzik)
Great Ep.

Cid Inc (GU / Proton / Replug / microCastle | Proton Radio)
Great to see Gunther & Stamina finally releasing tracks! Syncope is my pick here.

BiG AL / Beat Factory (ReadyMix, GU, Baroque, Vapour, Nightbird, Proton, B018)
Congratz!!! Keep it up.

Tash (Movement/Tribalvision/Vapour/Baroque..)
syncope's the one! great, thnx

Diogo Ribeiro (Flow Records)
nice dark chunky beats, syncope for me

Fady Ferraye (Audio Therapy, Frisky, Goosebumps, Faith, Outside the box, Criti)
Nice ep guys, Down Under Is my thing here

Summer (Brendon Collins) (Tulipa Recordings)
Syncope is my fav!! Thanks

Daniel Mehes (Manual Music)
massive industrial techno beats, Syncope is my favourite! keep it up guys

G-Mohris (Per-vurt Records)
Congrats ! Excellent One

DJ Slater (Tribal Vision Records)
Down Under sounds good!

Arnold from Mumbai (AFM)
Super Ep....Syncop is my pick!!

Sayko Yan (Air Snare rec - Nexus Media - Any Gmatik)
Nice work.Syncope could fit in my set for sure.Keep on doing great job.Thanks

Kareem F.
Great job guys..great EP..2 favs Syncope and Down Under..Keep it coming!!

Nesta (Beirut In The Mix, Dance4Life, MixFm)
Amazing EP!!Syncope for me!!keep them coming boys

Ronin (Ronin & Nesta) (Beirut In the Mix | dance4life | Mix FM 104.4)
Full support!!


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