Timelock – Groundshaker EP [Phonokol] - Out Now!

Started by Phonokol, 02 February 2010 à 15:55:32

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Timelock " Groundshaker EP [Phonokol] - Out Now!

Artist: Timelock
Title: Groundshaker EP
Label: Phonokol
Release Date: 01/2010

Listen to the preview of the album / Order your copy:


1. Groundshaker
2. Radioactive
3. Resonator Chaser Underground MIX


Timelock " Groundshaker EP [Phonokol Records]


Felix Nagorsky, a.k.a. TIME LOCK, was born in Russia in 1978. Today he lives in Israel in the northern city of Carmiel. He started producing music in 1997 and some of his early releases, as half of the PPS Project act, were signed to labels such as MDMA, Dust n Dust, Hadshot, and ZMA to name a few.TIME LOCKs first album 10 SECONDS AWAY was released in May 2004, on the Greek label ZMA. Tracks were also included on various compilations worldwide. Felix is now working on new material for the BNE/YoYo Records (Israel) label. His music can best be described as a fusion between psytrance and electro elements, not to mention inclusion of vocals on many tracks, a fact that takes his sound to a richer level. BNE/YoYo Records released a 12 single, Out of Sight demonstrating TIME LOCKs unique sound. The A side - Out Of Sight - was one of the biggest surprises the trance scene has heard in a while. The B side - Metrotek - is a chilling follow up to Out Of Sight. Later in 2005, TIME LOCK got to remix Infected Mushrooms dance floor monster Cities of the Future, adding his own magic and creating an outstanding remix to this masterpiece which was later released on Infected Mushrooms recent EP Stretched. TIME LOCK toured the world extensively in 2004 & 2005 travelling to Japan, Brazil, Mexico and all across Europe while putting the final touches on the debut album Power Charge, released internationally by BNE/Yoyo Records in November 2005. TIME LOCKS massive sound took over the dance floors in 2005 creating a huge buzz and anticipation for the next creation to come!

Time Lock has a Sneak Peak from his Upcoming album containing 3 bombshels that will send you runing to the dance floor. Groundshaker does right by its name, aimed to shake and bake the ground under your feet. Must Have!!!
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