Major 7 - Heavy Doses E.P. - Out now !!!(Iono Music)

Started by gerrard, 29 March 2011 à 10:27:47

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Artist:Major 7
Title: Heavy Doses E.P.
Date: 29.03.2011

'Heavy Doses' is the debut EP from Major 7 - Barak Argaman and Nadav Bonen who
are also responsible for the famous project X-Noize and areone of Israels top producers,
well known for their cutting edge dance music and unique style. The style of their new
project Major 7's style is intelligent, modern progressive club beat, dancy and refreshing.

It carries 2 first-class,new and unreleased tracks.It integrates the power and force
of X-Noize with a moderate tempo groove and fresh technoid elements which are
rating this release to be a package of excellent,futuristic music, characterising the
next generation of progressive trance sound.


01. Major 7 - Heavy Doses
02. Major 7 - Your Mind

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