Riktam & Bansi - Constructor (Plastik Park) OUT NOW !! *GMS Techno Project*

Started by TriskelePR, 14 March 2011 à 11:55:06

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Riktam & Bansi - Constructor (Plastik Park)

Rel Date 14 March, 2011

For full release info see HERE!

Plastik Park starts the New Year with an immense seismic blast that promises to set the ground shaking throughout the techno globe. A journey that began two years ago for Riktam & Bansi, with their first two-track EP on the label containing the eye-opening hits “Green Space” and “The Red Line” - which topped the beatport charts for weeks, they now take a huge leap forward with the much anticipated release of their debut album ‘Constructor’

Riktam & Bansi have come to have been known under a variety of monikers over the last decade, achieving their greatest success to date under their ‘Growling Mad Scientists’ project. With a total of eight artist albums, their tracks appearing on over 150 releases and more than 200,000 album sales, their studio wizardry is unquestionable. The "Riktam & Bansi" project sees them apply their talents in a different musical vein, towards a style which encompasses a slower groove-laden techno backbone. However, their massive fanbase from their GMS project has followed them across into this new venture, making them one of the best selling artists on Beatport last year.

Having already stockpiled up a formidable cache of monstrous progressive techno works for the peak hours, the duo fully utilizes the extended freedom of an album format to show that they aren’t merely a one-trick pony. While keeping their trademark crystalline production and knack for crafting gripping melodic and percussive arrangements, the medley formed by ten previously unreleased tracks spans and encompasses an impressively extensive number of dance music influences.

Delivering a seductively collection of everything from hypnotic and minimalistic progressive, through simmering intense tribal grooves, to full on techno monsters.

This is Riktam & Bansi

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CD track listing:
01. Constructor
02. This Way Up
03. The Mask
04. Going Strong
05. DDL
06. Teceroo
07. Frings
08. Emi
09. Sweet Sink
10. Denkin

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Available digitally exclusive to Beatport on 21st March & other online digital shops from 4th April

CD distribution:

Label Management & Licensing |CRITICAL RHYTHM : info@criticalrhythm.com |

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