E-Mantra vs Suufi Astrolab - ASTROGRAMS - OUT NOW!!!

Started by ~psydance~, 10 March 2011 à 21:49:27

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E-Mantra vs Suufi Astrolab - ASTROGRAMS

psychedelic trance / chillout split album

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Artist .............. E-Mantra / Suufi Astrolab
Genre ............. Psytrance, Dub, Ambient, Freestyle
Source ............ http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8700
Type ............... Split Album
Label .............. Elektronica Records
Catalog Nr. ...... AEP01
Release Date .. Mar-03-2011
Tracks ............ 8
Album Length .. 56:10


01. E-Mantra - Searching Ganesha
02. E-Mantra - Praying Forest (Neurosect Remix)
03. E-Mantra - Dansul Ielelor (Eleusyn Remix)
04. E-Mantra - Telepathic Alienation
05. Suufi Astrolab - Pompierul Piroman
06. Suufi Astrolab - Birds Are Flying Over The Dark City
07. Suufi Astrolab - Bicycles For Elita
08. Suufi Astrolab - Ambient Girl Outro

Digitally mastered by stryder (stryderq@live.com)

Release Notes:
Being invited to travel on board a spacecraft by a  nice alien lady. I  said to myself. Have to feel this, so I gathered all  my mental energy  to feel the voyage. The thing is I was dreaming and  what happened was I  saw with my minds eye how my body sleeps but seeing  it all. Then  suddenly we stopped in a strange galactic neighbourhood and  experienced  lucidity beyond realms of 3d reality. Predicted to return  next year.

Finally released! Truly an awesome floating goa trance album with a darker twist in the neurosect remix and pompierul piroman, which is an oldschool psytrance-sounding piece like the twisted and distorted stuff infected mushroom used to churn out just a little before 2000.  The last three tracks are beautiful and enchanting chillout, with birds are flying as a long freestyle journey through dub, ambient and gypsy music and to my personal taste bicycles for elita as the absolute crown of this album!!!
Never before you've gotten such a diverse and captivating serve on one album! Absolutely worth the buy!
I was absolutely honored to master this release and I would like to thank Emanuel for the opportunity to show my skills to the world.  I didn't get much time for it but i think the final sound quality was worth all it's time and dedication.  Especially in the dub tracks the warm and deep tones of the analogue saturation add a lot of rich texture to the basslines and pads.  I'm very proud to have assisted in this great album! I hope you will enjoy it as much as me!
Look out for upcoming E-Mantra releases on compilations from my own label!

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