Cosmic Flower - XMAS compo 2006 [psy eve - nitrocell]

Started by spacer, 10 December 2006 à 17:02:12

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Cosmic Flower is back with a xmas compilation full of artists of goa,psytrance, and finally also with chillout music. 30 tracks of talented musicians from around the world, giving feelings like no more up to day, atmospheres, beautiful explorer to deepest sites of your minds includes also covers, readme/nfo file, playlist.

More info, whole archive in rar, player from browser, pics a more
Also included Forum

The compilation is released as xmas compo, with free downloads, links to each individual treks or whole archive in 2 parts, cover and info added.

Compilation cotains talented artists with their free tracks to give you maximum experience of xmas days, selected in 4 parts:
Intro, from Deepest Forest, through Melodic Beach Wibes, Outro Evening with relaxoitic Outro night end.

That all at ;

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