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Duotekk - Dunamis (TIP Records)

Rel Date 04 March, 2011

For full release info see HERE!

Duotekk is the dynamic new act from Sweden.  Last year was the year Sweden dominated House Music. This year they will be dominating Trance too. This is Mathias of Ibojima and Jonas from Logic Bomb and Tranan fame. It is their debut album and already, from a few tracks on comps, they are being much talked about on the circuit.  This album blends deep sophisticated Psy layers with upto date sound technology to give us some special moments.  Some deep and warm, some very psychedelic, some direct and intense.  And some tracks and sounds which will appeal to DJ´s playing at the bigger parties that need to hit certain freak-uencies to send the masses into Delerium.  In all its a fresh album but with a maturity. Tough and serious while not afraid of melody. It´s exciting while also sounding polished.

We feel this album is gonna be a big hit on the scene so please support and help spread the word. The word is Duotekk. Powerful, dynamic, Dunamis!

It starts off Zlow with a fabulous slice of deep psychedelia.  Deep, rich and sumptuous An outstanding opener lets you know you are in capable hands. Then the sound becomes more full power and dynamic. Or as the Greeks used to say, Dunamis. The duo then get all Lysergic on us and start to prove they are the best of the Next Generation. These freak-uencies are an Indikkator that this album is gonna make the global Psy underground Stomp and take dancefloors to new levels. The band are on the Attakk and with great Tekknik.  Peace.

To hear samples click on tracknames

CD track listing:
01. Zlow
02. Dunamis
03. Lysergic
04. Next Generation
05. Indikkator
06. Stomp
07. Attakk
08. Tekknikk
09. Peace

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' Nice one TIP crew et al- a deep chunky classic  groover that takes no prisoners ( techno prisoners?)- keep it up' 
Gus Till " Bus/Slinky Wizard/Zen Lemonade

'Dunamis is a superslick Swedish psychedelic earhole refresher.......great to hear an album with real character and staying power' DJ Lucas - TIP Records

'It is amazing, the best music he has heard in a very long time.  He has played most of album and says they all totally smashed it in the clubs' John 00 Fleming - J00F Recordings

WOW!! Awesome!!!  Great work.  Right up my strasse! John Askew - Discover Records

' YES!! Great, please give me download' Simon Patterson - Spinnin'/Doorn Recs

'Proper trance. i cant wait to hear these track blasting out loud on a huge sound system!' Rinkadink -Alchemy Records

'Really good psytrance from some amazing artists' Pena - Flow Records

'Killer one !' Anthony Sillfors - S-Range

'Great work, happy to have them for N.O.MA.D.! Please send !' Philippe Sensifeel - Sensifeel/Cyclones/N.O.M.A.D Fest

"With a lot of Logic Bomb Feel and Ibojima smoothness inside a combined formula , I am super excited about this collaboration. It's sheer Mosh pit madness, tear jerking melodies and 'I want more' basslines . Love it from front to end. It takes me places they took me before and longed after to visit again!"  Eric Bijl - Liftshift Neurobiotic Records

Duotekk are featured on the new Tip world tour called The BIG TIP to include Duotekk, Logic Bomb, Hujaboy, Rikki Rokkits´ Goa Classics set

The tour so far is in UK, Mexico, India and we are in talks with US.  Japan, Australia , Brazil and an Eastern Europe date are expected too.

2011 is the year of The Big Tip and The Swedish Trance mafia!

Worldwide distribution:

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