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Album | TOXIC | Mind Poisoning music | Sonic Motion Rec | DIGI007

Label : Sonic Motion Records
Artist : Toxic
Album : Mind Poisoning music
Format : Digital
Catalog: SMR DIGI007
Release Date : March 2011

Sonic Motion Records presents the album from Toxic :

Toxic | Mind Poisoning music

Tracklist :

1. back i am
2. dissorder (rmx)
3. overdose
4. new order
5. go head
6. check it out
7. el diablo
8. distortion
9. the godfather
10. total control( feat abomination)
11. destination unknown

Infos :

After releasing its sixth cd, Sonic Motion Records are pleased to present the exclusive album from Toxic "Mind Poisoning music"

After many years of studio work and live stages experience added to  a successful debut album on 2006 called"sabotage" which lead to a huge feedback and dozens of live shows all over the globe including huge hit in japan.
since than he released various singles
Now TOXIC is proud to present  his second album "Mind Poisoning music" that was inspired by wold tours.the album will be launched during March 2011 by sonic motion records

The album is based on hard floor tunes a real strong uplifting audio work, full of gadgets and hi tech sounds … satisfaction guaranteed

Toxic. is Avi Aboresi solo project since 2003.Toxic project which started in 2001 as a Metal influenced trance, invoulved into a powerfull dance trance music. his love to music stick out since his childhood. and became the main branch in his life as a Dj,Producer,sound engineer.

Toxic. has collaborated with artists such as Azax Syndrome, , Abomination, Winter demon,Painkiller, Mekanikka,Seroxat,Toasted,Psychotic micro... .Toxic. releases can be find in various labels: Sonic motion,Time Code,Nutek, 3d vision, Acidance, Yabai, Pi,...and more .

The effect and good energies to his music inspired his imagination to create the first Album "Sabotage" by Yabai records. In November 2006 during Japan Tour, since 2004 he is rocking the world trance stages with his music at places such as  Japan, france, usa,  austria, germany, portugal,  spain,south africa,cypruss,india and more…. Currently he is releasing his solo 2nd Album  on Sonic motion rec, and keep on touring the world with his live music.

The album from Toxic  will be available in March 2011 in eclusive on Beatport during all March & then available on the most famous online digital shops

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For tracks previews :

More infos about Toxic  :

To book Toxic :

Label info :

Worldwide Distribution

Stay tuned !!

Thanks for your support !!!



Atyss - State of Resonance :

1 - Cosmogony (featuring Killer Buds)
2 - Crystal Oscillator
3 - Room 237 RMX
4 - Chaotic Bliss
5 - Groove Attitude
6 - Logical Paradox
7 - Noise Control (featuring Tim Schuldt)
8 - Scorpio Department (featuring Triskell)
9 - Direct Access (featuring Lazy Lyzard)

SONIC ATMOSPHERE compilation featuring :
Compiled By Shaktipat
- Eat Static
- Kick bong
- Master Margherita
- Aodioiboa
- Sysyphe
- Lipo
- Skylobby
- Standalone
- Squazoid
- Bob T.Racker

Noisy Pipes |  Out of Sync with this World

1 - Crawling, Seeking
2 - No Transpose
3 - I So Late
4 - How To Quiet Noisy Pipes
5 - Cheers For Fears (featuring Triskell)
6 - Dead Orchid
7 - Maybe The Exit
8 - Out Of Sync With This World
9 - Heartbeat And Footsteps (All That's Left Now)
10 - Decay
11 - Orage


«HYPNOTWIST V.A.» compilation featuring :
Compiled By Atyss
- Phatmatix
- Killer Buds
- Toxic
- Triskell
- Orca
- Zion Linguist
- Deeper In Zen
- Noisy PIpes
- Atyss


«MOTION SENSOR V.A.» compilation featuring :
Compiled By Atyss
- Digital Talk
- Deeper in Zen
- Abomination Vs Outer Signal
- Atyss
- Phonic Request VS Principles of flight
- Triskell
- Noisy Pipes
- Aodioiboa

- Bonus audio video synestesia from SONIC VISION

«DUSK TILL DAWN V.A.» compilation featuring :
Compiled By Atyss

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