FREE VA : Morphing psyche [POTBVA001]

Started by POTB, 28 December 2009 à 05:49:40

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People of the butterflies have gathered these psychedelic melodies of northern rhymes for your pleasure. A journey ranging from full on to dark athmospheres of the night and gently back to morning madness. strong, beautiful and trippy tunes from talented finnish artists, tune in and enjoy the ride with all of those colorfull butterflies from all shapes and colors that this journey will produce in your mind.

POTBVA001: Morphing psyche
1. Soladria : Bubblestorm
2. Intriga : Awake
3. Serotonot vs. Tripteaser : Jazzmandroid
4.  Crystal Cris : Nightfish
5.  Cosmic delusion : Party animals
6.  Captain Kirk : Werewolves
7.  Kelmi : Neuroelectric
8.  Efflorum : Tauceti
9.  Nebula meltdown : Elemental connector
10. Scum unit : Existenz
11. Sienis : Superior

Cover art by: J-löf


Released under
Creative Commons Nimeä-Epäkaupallinen-Ei muutettuja teoksia 1.0 Suomi-lisenssi.

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