[Set] Minimoonstra X Tyler - Live in Rave Psydom 2.0

Started by YURI_KL, 07 January 2007 à 16:00:09

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Set List:

01-Minimoonstra - Fly In Your Dreams
02-Asteróide - Tribos do Futuro
03-Growling Machines - My House (Space Cat Vs Pixel Rmx)
04-Phanatic - Restard (Stereomatic Remix)
05-Xsi - Alchemik Machine
06-Eskimo - Sex a Holica
07-Quadra - External Pleasure
08-Electric Universe - Journey Into The Subconscious
09-Electro Sun - High Cue
10-Save The Robot - Save The Future
11-Asteróide - Reason
12-Space Buddha - Silent Galaxy
13-Electro Sun Vs. The Misted Muppet - Nuclear Reactors
14-E-jekt Vs. DNA - Changes
15-Bizarre Contact - Run Away (Electro Sun Rmx)
16-Xsi - Eternity
17-Filterheadz - Yimanya (Freaked Frequency)


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