Freeform Human Live - Free download [Funky Psychedelic]

Started by freeform, 30 November 2009 à 02:52:10

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Merry xmas - I hope you enjoy our funky psychedelic kitchen sink live set.

Please pass this onto friends who might be into the sound.

Mega big loves!

Freeform Human

DivShare File - Freeform Human Live @ Wobble N Crunk 1311.mp3


Freeform Human Live @ WObble N Crunk, Coffs Harbour, Friday 13th November 2009.

Track Listing:
Lil Jon - Floor On Fire (FFH's Roasted Bootleg)
Self Existance - Monkeyphonics (FFH's live mix) - Out on Adapted Records soon!
U Sure Of This
Sexy Cat
Disco Trash
Hippy Hop
Bonus Level

Now taking bookings for Europe June/July/August 2010. Flying from Bratislava.
Now taking bookings in Australia till June. Flying from Melbourne.
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