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Started by ITP, 16 October 2006 à 09:58:20

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Artist: ITP
Album: Lose Your Illusion
Label: Sundance Records
Release Date: December 2006

ITP are Erez Yaffe & Sami Sabin, born in 1980 in Israel. The two started their musical way around the ages of 10 & 12 where they started playing the guitar & played in different rock & metal groups. As they contiued evolving, Sami & Erez got to composition & synthesis studies and in 2003 they formed ITP & started producing psytrance together.

ITP (standing for 'Individual Thought Patterns') is all about being good music. Combining acoustic sources such as oriental instruments, vocals & guitars with electronic manipulation & high quality production, their unique & highly musical style is particularly noticeable over todays psytrance scene background.

'Lose Your Illusion', ITPs' debut album will be out soon on Sundance Records.

Track List:
1. Stop Killing the Animals You Stupid Fucks II
2. ITP on Nitro - Daylight Murder
3. Advertisment
4. Lose Your Illusion part I
5. Not Responding
6. Knul Hfaf Bash
7. Guatemala
8. Happy Flight
9. Gato Escaldado
10. Lose Your Illusion part II

Samples on



Hi musiclovers :)

We r happy to inform u about our new website that is going onair these days...
You will be able to hear 3 uncutted explosive tracks of our upcoming album in there !!!

The address is:

Happy holydays to all of u

Sami & Erez



Artist: ITP
Title: Lose Your Illusion
Label: Sundance Records
Release Date: 15.02.2007

Release information:
SunDance records is about to shake the global scene with the
next promise of electronic music: ITP – Lose Your Illusion CD.
ITP are Erez Yaffe (27) & Sami Sabin (27), based in the center Israel,

both with a musical background of over 15 years.
ITP (Individual Thought Patterns) is all about being good music.

Combining acoustic sources such as oriental instruments, vocals &

guitars with twisted electronic manipulation & high quality production,

ITP's unique & highly musical style is particularly noticeable over

today's Psytrance scene.
Lose Your Illusion is the result of 3 years of hard study & work. It

includes 10 previously unreleased tracks that will give the world an

Individual taste of what Psychedelic trance should sound like.
ITP blasts out a storming new sound, a real treat for the dance floor

with live acoustic guitars, huge basslines, and melodies to drop to

your knees for!

The CD Will be available online @



ITP - "Psytrance meets Spanish guitars & Oriental Music"



ITP music is gr8! very good psy music from u two :)


Hey friends :)
we are happy to announce that samples of the cd can be heard at:

2 more days for the cd!

ITP Sami & Erez


Hey Dear Friends!
We are proud to announce that after very long anticipation and longing, finally our debut album "Lose Your Illusion" is being
released today in a world wide distribution, and will be available @ the places we mentioned in the last add :)

We thank each and every soul on it's support and wish you all happy musical inspiring year.


ITP Sami & Erez


ITP's unique psytrance fusions with Israeli rock star Dan Toren's exiting vocals!
ITP's have made a remix to 20 years old famous ballad by Dan Toren under the title "Lavan Al Lavan 2007".
The song is a meeting point between ITP's Spanish guitars & oriental style,
crazy psychedelic beats and Dan's powerful vocaling!
The track is avaliable for listening and download @

Please feel free to tell us your opinion about the collaboration :)

good week & big love to all!

ITP Sami & Erez


Friends around the globe,

You're invited to check out the world premier of our new collaboration with I-Drop - "Individual Drop" on our Myspace page:

"ITP vs I-Drop - Individual Drop" will be officially released only next month (06/2007) on VA Dizzy Function (SkyKey Records), so you get the chance to be the first to listen!

Serving you the best drop for a beautiful sunrise... This composition features twisted atmospheres, crazy break-beatz & Shani Peleg's divine vocals!

Enjoy your drop!


Erez & Sami


We are thrilled to announce that today we've
joined the team of the trance super-label
Phonokol Records!

Our next two albums will be released by the
same label who introduced the world with
legends such as Astral Projection, MFG & Yahel!

Keep it Individual ;)


Erez & Sami

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