:..Existence dance festival..::.29,30,31th December 2006, 1th Jan. 07 BARCELONA

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Hello to all 

Sindar have the pleasure to anounce EXISTENCE dance festival.

29,30,31th Dicember 2006, 1th January 2007 -Barcelona - Spain

Existence dance festival is an intercultural event presenting different types of alternative art : Music, Visuals, Performances, workshops...

The logo of Existence symbolises the first drop of water which gave life and spirit to the world and created :EXISTENCE:. Today people play music and make art to communicate their love and understanding of the world. We would like with a lot of humility to present in this event all the elements of Alternative art and music and build the different elements of :Existence: to somehow live again this outstanding moment where different elements gave life to the spirit of :EXISTENCE:

..............::: MAIN FLOOR:::...............

:::> LIVE <:::

Astral Projection (bne) israel
Astrix (hommega) israel
Atomic Pulse (bne) israel
Andromeda (millenium) sweden
Bliss (phantasm rec.) israel
Chromosome (millenium) sweden
Dali (hommega) israel
Echotek (bne) israel
Fatali (bne) israel
Gaiatech (immagika) italy
Hypnoxock (sindar) spain
Kali (materi rec.) spain
Khopat (spectral rec.) portugal
LDB system (oreadesprod) france
Menog (spectral rec.) portugal
Oforia (bne) israel
Painkiller (Nutek) spain
Psynema (basti and geko) austria

:::> Dj`s <:::

Abbot (selenium) spain
Anahata (materia rec.) spain
Buzz T (spectral rec.) austria
Brain Hunters (spectral rec.) mexico
Donziggy (stardust creations) austria
Fiuzz (sindar) spain
Kuntact (sindar) portugal
Marcia (cytopia rec.) holand
Mekko (immagika) italy
Moira (materia rec.) spain
Paul irland
Rhul (sinergia) spain
Sun Girl (gfst prod.) russia
Takaya japon
Tamîris (spectral rec.) portugal
Toxic (materia rec.) spain
Shangri -la (earthcore) australia

..............::: CHILLOUT:::...............

:::> LIVE <:::
Mauxuam (interchill/indicamusic) italy
Miditerranien (Jumjam) germany
Ott (twisted) uk
Scene (indica music) italy
Secret Vibes france
Tripswitch (Liquid Sound Design) uk

:::> Dj`s <:::
Chik'm (sindar) spain
Donziggy (stardust creations) austria
Iosu (Overclouds) spain
Josko (indicamusic/sonica) italy
Justin Chaos ( indicamusic/ point red) Arg
Kick Bong (ultra vista rec) france
Lutin Des Bois (ldb system) france
Manik (furthur) spain
Mauxuam (interchill/indica music) italy
Nova (ultimae/fairy tales) uk
Takaya (ninja tunes) japan
Toxic (cosmictrance) spain
Zeon (tupan) uk
Elko (reversed biscuits) uk
Kakoolalajwal (Fat Form records) france

..............::: DECORATION & VISUALS:::...............

Deco by
-Sindar (spain) 
We going create 3d organical image of existence.
-Octopus Productions (portugal)

String Art by
Optical illusionS (spain)
To know more about this artist

Visuals by
Nomadreams (spain)
Rorschach & Rorschach (Holand)
Liquid Projections, Cristal Slide Show, Distortion Wheels, Rappid Bubble Movement.

::: Existence Interactive Area :::

This will be a space for meeting and interaction between people, interaction, discoverint, learnship, personal development, creation... we propose workshops, conferences, shows and other art activities to think about existence, to wake up our bioconscience and to begin, all toghether, to make from The Earth a better place every day.

Many more artist from all areas (music, video, performance, crafts, circ and plastic artists) will come to make this festival something for you never forget.

Please stay connected in

Saludos desde Barcelona,
BooM ShankaR
Sindar Crew.




Hello to all  ;D

......some of the main floor live acts .....

Astral Projection (bne)
Astrix (hommega)
Atomic Pulse (bne)
Andromeda (millenium)
Chromosome (millenium)
Chemical Drive (rhythms)
Dali (hommega)
Echotek (bne)
Fatali (bne)
Hilight Tribe (kosmic hoboes)
Hypnoxock (sindar)
Kali (materia rec.)
Khopat (spectral rec.)
Menog (spectral rec.)
Oforia (bne)
Parasense (rhythms)
Psynema (basti and geko)

......and more....


Many more artist from all areas (music, video, performance, crafts, circ and plastic artists) will come to make this festival something for you never forget.

For now we wish good Vacations and nice festivals for all of you.
Please visit http://www.existence.es

BooM ShankaR 
Sindar Crew



Hello to all!
Existence festival website is in continuous uno insulte pleaseate: Info about EXISTENCE BUS , workshops in the INTERACTIVE AREA, advices, CHILL-OUT AREA (a big tent in which will be a restaurant and a bar perfectly equipped to protect from cold and rain , heat system) and many others things!

Stay connected on www.existence.es


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